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Selected Publications:

TFCP2 is a transcriptional regulator of heparan sulfate assembly and melanoma cell growth

Basu A., Champagne, R.N., Patel, N.G., Nicholson, E.D., Weiss R.J. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2023). In press.

Glycosaminoglycan Analysis: Purification, Structural Profiling, and GAG-Protein Interactions

Basu A., Weiss R.J. Methods Mol Biol. (2023). 2597:159-176. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-0716-2835-5_13.

Spatiotemporal Diversity and Regulation of Glycosaminoglycans in Cell Homeostasis and Human Disease

Basu, A.*; Patel, N.G.*; Nicholson, E.N.; Weiss, R.J. American Journal of Physiology – Cell Physiology (2022). DOI: 10.1152/ajpcell.00085.2022.

Genome-wide Screens Uncover KDM2B as a Modifier of Protein Binding to Heparan Sulfate

Weiss, R.J.*; Spahn P.N.*; Chiang A.W.T.; Liu Q.; Li J.; Hamill K.M.; Rother S.; Clausen T.M.; Hoeksema, M.A.; Timm, B.M.; Godula, K.; Glass, C.K.; Tor, Y.; Gordts P.L.S.M.; Lewis N.E.; Esko J.D. Nature Chemical Biology (2021).

ZNF263 is a Transcriptional Regulator of Heparin and Heparan Sulfate Biosynthesis

Weiss, R.J.*; Spahn P.N.*; Toledo A.G.; Chiang A.W.T.; Kellman B.P.; Li J.; Benner C; Glass C.K.; Gordts P.L.S.M.; Lewis N.E.; Esko J.D. PNAS. (2020) 117:9311.

PinAPL-Py: A Comprehensive Web-application for the Analysis of CRISPR/Cas9 Screens

Spahn, P.N.; Bath, T.; Weiss, R.J.; Kim, J.; Esko, J.D.; Lewis, N.E.; Harismendy, O. Scientific Reports (2017) 7:15854.

Targeting Heparin and Heparan Sulfate Protein Interactions

Weiss, R.J.; Esko, J.D.; Tor, Y. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (2017) 15:5656.

Small Molecule Antagonists of Cell–Surface Heparan Sulfate and Heparin–Protein Interactions

Weiss, R.J.; Gordts, P.L.S.M.; Le, D.; Xu, D.; Esko, J.D.; Tor, Y. Chemical Science (2015) 6:5984.

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